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Learn About Trading

Learn About Trading

Whether you are wondering about specific terminology or just want to find some general information about trading, we got you covered.

Short Selling Explained

Short Selling Explained Short Selling may seem like a complex concept, and counter-intuitive that you are able to make a profit on something that goes down in price - but it's rather simple! The Short Explanation: (Absolutely no pun intended!) Shorting is essentially betting against a Security like a stock [...]

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What Does OTC Mean?

What Does OTC (Over-The-Counter) Mean? The Short Explanation: OTC trading or Over-The-Counter trading, or off-exchange trading is done directly between two parties, outside an exchange. The OTC Market is decentralised, where people trades happen directly between the participants. This means the trades are not supervised by an exchange. The safest [...]

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What Are Swaps?

What Are Swaps? The Short Explanation: A swap is a type of a derivative contract between two parties to exchange financial instruments, such as: Interest rates, currencies, cashsflows, derivatives or securities. The instrument used in a Swap can be almost anything, but most swaps involve cash based on a notional [...]

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What Are Forwards?

What Are Forwards? The Short Explanation: Forwards are a derivative instrument, much like Futures, meaning they are an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset for a predetermined price at a future date. Where Forwards differ from Futures though, is that they are customisable and not traded [...]

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Broker Comparison

Our broker comparison will find the best possible brokers for you to use in the United Kingdom, whether you are a beginner trader looking for a commission-free Stocks & Shares ISA – or a more advanced trader looking to find the overall best platform!

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